À propos de moi

Activity at home on HF, 6M, 2M and 70cm

– Yeasu FT-817ND

– Icom IC-706

– President LINCOLN

Yagi ZX6-5 5 elements 50Mhz / 11 elements F9FT 144Mhz / 21 elements F9FT 430Mhz

Antenna long wires with balun 4/1 for HF

Dipole 20 and 40 Home made


Vertical Sirtel 2000 5/8 for 28Mhz

DigiMode interface Home Made / Linux User

Home build interface box for digi mod, cat and cw keyer, and computer under Gnu/linux Debian

Start developement for hamnet gateway with many fonction (aprs, web, cluster) and accès on 2.4Ghz and acces/link on 5Ghz .

Sysop :

F1ZLN Digi/Igate APRS 144.800 Mhz JN38kn with APRX

F1ZLN Relay DMR 439.500 Sh -7.6

F1ZLN Digi Hampager/Pocsag

F1ZPA Link RRF 145.250Mhz Simplex Tone 250.3Hz